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- June 2017: david boostman produced "I'll Be There For You" with Boostman Family (spotify, itunes ...).

- Summer 2017: Support thanks (I'll Be There For You) - Italian All Stars, Funky D, XPRESS, Crispian Aldis, Freefall, Edison, Justin Fantham, Paul Bonez, Sandro Fazzino
Jay Serano, Stephen Anthony, Eddie J Santos, Gianni Ruocco, Bloom, Darren Jewel, Daf Milne, Dj Scratch, Audio Addicts, Out West, Sergio Cabrera, Frisco Hit Clubbin (Radio, Nederlands), Bryant - Mix Show (Radio, USA), Luis 2 Live - Dance Factory FM (Radio, Canada), Anastasia - Kiss FM (Radio, Ukraine), Head of Music - Megapolis 89.5 FM (Radio, RUSSIA), Studio Head - Radio Beiaard (Radio, Belgium), Hugh - Party Vibe (Radio, EU), Rafael Nieves (Billboard), Ronnie Matthews (Billboard), Will Daniel - Beatsmedia (UK), Vas One - Joy 94.9 FM (Radio, Australia)
Radio NTI (Radio, France), Will Butler - CSR FM (Radio), Nel - Overload Radio (Radio, Canada).

- Boostman Family: “I’ll Be There For You” forges all the band’s gorgeous electro-pop (Click to read Jamsphere's article).

- Nov 2016: david boostman produced "I Can't Sleep" with Boostman Family (youtube).

- 2018: Soundtrack of documentary about Serge Pei (French national poetry award 2017) with Ecran Sud.


dB's Short bio

david boostman is a pop electro producer who started with movie soundtracks in 1999. He occasionnaly remixes (Collaboration with French label Because : Label of Justice, Prince, Major Lazer, Busy P., Christine and the Queens) and is mainly focusing his efforts these days on the band Boostman Family.